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Registration Form / First Round Application

Registration Form

The registration page will go offline at midnight CET on 15th March 2020.
Last submissions will be posted on the 16th of March on our social media channels.

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It is crucially important that you set the proper context for your artwork. Make sure that your answer in the registration form contains a description of how your artwork is related to the theme of the project. This short description is obligatory and will be used throughout all our channels to promote and select your work.

Artwork Dimensions

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Technique Description

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Artists are highly encouraged to document their creative process, which will be presented along with the artwork itself.


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Please specify the name of the source/ channel that lead to your involvement with the project.


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Registration Form

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Registration is now closed. Thank you very much for your interest in the project and your artwork. Please follow us on social media and check our website for further updates.