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Banality of Evil

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+Art is a group of normal citizens, who founded the
+Art e.V. society located in Berlin Germany, as a non-profit association, to promote our international artist call for: The Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives.

The Artist Call is live on the website: since October 2019 and is available for anyone to look at and for artists to participate in. 

The aim of the project is to give new attention to the theme inspired by philosopher Hannah Arendt. 

Doing nothing and watching also encourages evil. We see this not only in political currents and tendencies, but also in daily life in the areas of consumption or alone in the perceived powerlessness to do something against the life-threatening plastic waste.

The project aims to bring awareness to the thoughtlessness that has unwittingly crept into our daily lives. A unique opportunity is presented to artists the world over to submit works exploring the boundaries between good and evil, right and wrong. It is our wish to initiate a new social discourse and to be able to contribute to a better world through self-reflection and attention. Art is a strong medium to illustrate the Banality of Evil in our Daily Lives. Art can make clear, can move and can change.

We ask you to support in the project

Are you an artist? 
Are you connected the art scene? 
Are you passionate about promoting artists and giving artists a voice? 
Do you believe in the power of art? 
Do you have influence? 
Do you have access or connection to media?
Do you consider yourself a social activist?

How your role as an ambassador can help the project

Assistance with public relations / social media / advertising.

As an ambassador your main role is to provide effective administrative support and to communicate the message of the art project in your area to encourage artists to participate and become part of the movement.(as an accredited ambassador you will become a spokesperson for this organisation)


We require passionate, heart driven, motivated volunteers to provide effective general administrative assistance to our PR team.  Your services are on a strictly voluntary basis.  As a non-profit organisation, we are looking for those who are willing to give of their time and skills in the spirit of the supporting Artists.

Ideal volunteers are those who are seeking to build up their CV within the Arts sector.  Artists, Art Students, Administration, Graduates, stay at home parents as well as experienced professionals seeking to contribute the wealth of their experience for the benefit of the art community and spread the message out about how we have become thoughtless in our daily lives.

These tasks offer the opportunity to work with a busy international team.  

The role as ambassador is a remote one, ie. working from your home and laptop via internet to connect with the other international team members.  You will receive guidance and support from the experienced team and appropriate documentation that you can use.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and will make a real impact in this important project.


The tasks for the ideal passionate ambassador could involve any of the following aspects of project management:

  • Promotion of project in art publications

  • Press (radio/tv), art schools and on social media in your country

  • Weekly status on activities via excel spreadsheets

  • Research for the project

  • Making contact with local art community projects

  • Assist with fundraising and finding sponsors

Supported by +Art e.V. - a non-profit organisation based in Berlin Germany.


The project will raise $25,000 for the smooth running of the project as well as to support the artists who are participating in the artist call. For more information about this please look at our Crowdfunding page.

Banality of Evil Fundraising Page

Ideal Candidates

For all tasks, the ideal ambassador should:

  • be friendly, helpful, and intuitive

  • be able to work with complete discretion and confidentiality

  • be able to use Microsoft Office and Excel / Google drive and Google Docs to create and edit documents

  • be able to input data accurately onto our database and be happy to do it!

  • have good writing and communication skills

  • have previous administrative and office experience

  • be well organised and efficient

  • be able to collate data and produce spread sheets/data tables

  • be able to work well as part of a team

  • be able to work independently

Times and Commitment

Our project runs from now till end May 2020. These are voluntary positions for those who can spare a few hours every week. Any support, whether short term (6 weeks/3 months) on a one or two day a week basis, would be welcome. Flexible hours are possible.


If you would like to apply to become a part of our team, please email Chantal Ford (Volunteer Coordinator) on  Your email should include your CV and a motivation as to why you are the perfect candidate to be part of the project.Once we have reviewed all applications, we will conduct a video interview with potential candidates.

About the project

The Banality of Evil in Our Daily Lives art competition is an open call forartists to communicate what they see as the banality of evil in our daily lives.

It poses a challenge to communicate that which has never been communicated before and create a platform for groundbreaking ideas to be brought into our collectivity.

The project has a strong emphasis on public engagement.  As a crowd driven project, the public will be invited to moderate the selection of the first 40 art works by liking and sharing the messages presented on the BOE in Our Daily Lives social media platforms.

Artists whose work has been selected to be part of the competition, will receive a "Thank You Certificate" for participation in the artist call.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

The Source

Albert Einstein

Art is the name we have given to humanity’s most primal response to the mystery of existence. It was in the face of the mystery that dance, music, poetry, and painting were born.

The Source

J. F. Martel

The only moral lesson which is suited for a child--the most important lesson for every time of life--is this: 'Never hurt anybody.'

The Source


Indifference to me is the epitome of all evil

The Source

Elie Wiesel

Science brings knowledge, art brings revelation and religion redemption. Art penetrates into the interior of earthly matter in order to take out the interior and thus transfigure the exterior. They reconcile science and religion.

The Source

Karl May

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language.

The Source

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The Source

Victor Hugo

Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.

The Source