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Jury Voting / Second RounD

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Jury Voting / Second RounD

Jury Voting Guide

Dear jury member, thank for your participation in the project! 
We value your time greatly and to ensure that the process of voting runs as smoothly as possible we put together the most important information in this short guide. We hope it will help you along the way.

  1. There are two steps to validate a voting session: a password to the voting site and the Jury ID token that is unique to invidual jury members, both are provided to you by email.

    Please allow your web browser to save the information, including the jury token for auto-fill later. This way you will not have to reenter the information on every voting form.
  2. Deadline for jury voting is March 31th 2020, midnight CET. After that time the voting site will only be accessible for gallery viewing.
  3. To evaluate the artwork we use a score metric of 0 (poor/inadequate) to 5 (excellent/exceptional). The more points, the higher the artwork is ranked.
  4. Additionally to the 40 artworks selected by public voting through "likes" on social media platforms the voting gallery includes "wildcard" artworks. Using this option every jury member can select  one artwork for inclusion, regardless of the category. Please visit our Instagram channel, find your favourite and send us the name of the artist to
  5. If you have any questions or require additional assistance with this site, please don't hesistate and contact us at
  6. The voting results will be published on social media channels after the 2nd of April. The final winner will be announced on the awarding day in Berlin with the opening of the exhibition. Due to Corona we had to postpone the exhibition and it is now set for the first week September 2020. Please don’t communicate any voting results publicly before it was not announced by our team.
  1. Login to the website with the password provided to you with the email. This password is common to all jury members. You're already here, so congratulations this step is complete!
  2. To validate your voting session, enter your name, email address and your unique Jury ID Token. Please enter the same email address you used to receive the password and your token.
  3. Proceed to the jury gallery of 40 selected artworks from the first public round of competition. You can preview everything from this gallery.
  4. By pressing "Vote" button in the gallery a new browser tab will open presenting you with detailed information about the artwork and  a questionnaire.
  5. Once you finished answering questions and sending the form you can close the tab and continue to the next artwork
    You can re-vote on the same artwork as often as you like, please note that in this case the previous voting session will be overwritten with new data.
  6. We recommend to go over each artwork one-by-one in a systematic and focused way. However you can still use multiple tabs at the same time, please make sure that you finish each one by answering all questions and submitting the form.

    If you decide to interrupt your voting session, take note of the last artwork on which you finished your voting and continue from there. To keep track of your voting progress you will receive a document via email containing a summary of your votes.